Riverine Key Features & Priorities

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One objective of the Lachlan Environmental Water Management Plan (LEWMP) is to set priorities for environmental watering. To assist in this process a number of wetlands have been recognised at national and regional levels as containing ecological, cultural or social values.

While these significant wetlands are priorities for environmental water delivery, other wetlands or creeks which have similar ecological values, may also benefit from environmental watering. This may occur as a result of water delivery to significant wetlands, i.e. water passes through these assets on the way to target wetlands, or the size, position and management of the wetland supports the use of environmental water.

Riverine Ecological Assets of the Lachlan Catchment

The riverine ecological assets and values of the Lachlan Catchment are defined for the purposes of the LEWMP as the ecological components, processes and sites of significance known to contribute to the essential character of the Lachlan Catchment. They have been identified from a number of sources and studies focused on the ecological, cultural and social systems of the Lachlan.

The riverine ecological assets identified for the Lachlan Catchment include:


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