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Past Events

Burrawang Lagoon flow 2013

Burrawang Lagoon flow 2013

Levels in Burrawang Lagoon dropped during the Millenium Drought as flows in the Lachlan River and Bumbuggan Creek reduced. The lagoon re-filled during 2010–11 flood flows, and remained relatively full leading into early 2012, with minor variations in water level depending on season and flows in Goobang, Yarrabandai and Bumbuggan creeks.However, in May 2013, 150 ML of water was provided from NSW environmental water accounts to replenish levels in the lagoon after a post-flooding drying down period....

Lower Lachlan Environmental Flow

Regulators within the Lake Brewster system were opened to enable the largest use of environmental…

Noonamah: Southern Bell Frog Flow 2014

Surveys conducted by Charles Sturt University (CSU) detected the presence of the endangered species Litoria raniformis, the Southern bell frog, at Lake Bullogal in the Lower Lachlan Swamp in November 2012 (Amos et al., 2013). Litoria raniformis was previously recorded near Oxley in 1972 and in the Booligal wetlands in 1978 (Wassens, 2008). The action is to provide up to 300 ML of environmental water to the old Noonamah water scheme via a private landholder’s works. The key objective is to provide habitat for the recently discovered Southern Bell Frog population. This proposal aims to provide sufficient water via the original Noonamah scheme pump to inundate the 13.5 km of channel and 5 dams/ground tanks closest to Lake Bullogal. ...
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